The role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is accountable to all stakeholders in the school. The key players are the pupils, the staff, the parents and the local community. There are others to whom the Governing Body is accountable. These include the Local Authority (LA) and the Department for Education (DfE). The governing body is responsible for spending public money and for providing education for the pupils. It must report to those involved on the plans, the progress of the school and any other matters that are important.  Some of the Governing Body's tasks are:
  • Set the vision, values and objectives for the school.
  • Meet statutory duties.
  • Consider, agree and monitor School's annual budget.
  • Develop procedures for the recruitment and selection of all school staff.
  • Determine the pay policy for the School.
  • Directly manage the Headteacher's performance.
  • Ensure the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the national curriculum, which takes account of individual needs, and report on achievement and attainment to all stakeholders.
  • Engage with all stakeholders.
  • Celebrate success.

In addition to Full Governing Body meetings, there are two committees that meet termly and their remit is as follows:

  • Resources Committee - Finance, Personnel and Premises.
  • School Improvement Committee - Curriculum, Assessment and Achievement.

Governing Body Constitution

School governors represent the largest volunteer force in the country with appoximately 1% of the adult population serving in this capacity at any one time.  The governing body of Millfield has 14 governors - 5 parent, 1 Local Authority, 1 Headteacher, 1 staff and 6 Co-opted who are appointed as follows:

  • Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school.
  • Local authority governors are nominated by the local authority but appointed by the governing body.
  • The headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of their office.
  • Staff governors are elected by the school staff.
  • Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body.

We currently have a vacancy for a Co-opted governor.  Please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body, via the School Office, should you require further information.


The Governing Body of Millfield First & Nursery School has determined that a governor's term of office is four years. 


Become involved as a Parent Governor

Parent governors are elected by their fellow parents and are vital to a governing body because they ensure that the other governors are kept in touch with the concerns and issues of most importance to our parents.  Please contact the Clerk for further information.

Please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body, via the School Office, should you require further information.

You may contact our governors direct by emailing them at


Governor Mark Award

On Friday 6th June 2014 Oliver Heald visited our Celebration Assembly.  He presented our Governors with the Governor Mark Award.  This award was a recognition of the high standard of leadership given by our governors.  Our Governors were delighted to have achieved the Governor Mark accreditation for a second time, having first been awarded it in March 2011. 

Governor Open Morning 2016

On Friday 4th March 2016 our governors spent the morning in school.  They started the morning with a demonstration of the Early Years Online Learning Journals and then visited many of the classrooms and had the opportunity to talk with the children.


Dates for Governor Meetings

Academic Year 2016/17

2016                                                                                                                                                     Apologies for Non Attendance

Wednesday 28th September     Full Governors                                       6:00pm                       Louisa Reed


Wednesday 2nd November      Resources                                                5:00pm                       Rick Duncan and Chris Meadows

                                                       School Improvement Committee        6:40pm                       None

Wednesday 30th November      Full Governors                                      6:00pm                        Rick Dunan 



Wednesday 1st February          School Improvement Committee        5:30pm                        None

Wednesday 1st February          Resources Committee                           7:10pm                        Karen Wagstaff                    


Tuesday 7th March                    Full Governors                                       6:00pm                         Rebecca Godfrey


Wednesday 3rd May                  School Improvement Committee       5:30pm                        Karen Wagstaff and Teresa Bonner

Wednesday 3rd May                  Resources Committee                          7:10pm                        Karen Wagstaff


Wednesday 17th May                Full Governors                                       6:00pm                       Louisa Reed


Wednesday 5th July                   Full Governors                                        4:30pm                      

Academic Year 2015/16

2015                                                                                                                                                     Apologies for Non Attendance

Wednesday 23rd September    Full Governors                                        6:00pm                       Teresa Bonner and Christian Draper


Wednesday 4th November        Resources                                               5:00pm                        None

                                                       School Improvement Committee        6:40pm                        Karen Wagstaff and Louisa Reed


Wednesday 25th November      Full Governors                                      6:00pm                         Karen Wagstaff and James Radley



Tuesday 2nd February              School Improvement Committee        6:00pm                         None

Wednesday 3rd February         Resources Committee                           6:00pm                         None


Wednesday 2nd March              Full Governors                                       6:00pm                       Karen Wagstaff and James Radley 


Wednesday 4th May                  School Improvement Committee       6:00pm                        Louisa Reed

Thursday 5th May                      Resources Committee                          6:00pm                        Chris Meadows


Wednesday 18th May                Full Governors                                       6:00pm                       Chris Meadows, Alex Tomkins, Christian Draper and

                                                                                                                                                            Clive Alexander


Wednesday 6th July                   Full Governors                                        4:30pm                       James Radley and Christian Draper