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Phased Re-Opening

Information regarding the return to school

20th June 2020

Information has been added below for the phased return of our Year 4 children starting on the 29th June 2020. A video from Mrs Kennedy-Weeks and photos of Ash and Willow classrooms, as well as related staffing information can be viewed by scrolling down this page.


New classroom photographs and a video has been added for our Key Worker group. Please note the change of the classrooms for this group starts on Monday 22nd June 2020. Scroll down to view this information.


Information for the phased return of Pre-School will follow in due course.

18th May 2020

Following Government guidelines, an educational service provision continues to be in place for our Key Worker and Vulnerable children. Following step 2 of the Government plans, Millfield will re-open for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children from Monday 1st June 2020.


If you have chosen for your child/ren to return to school on 1st June 2020, we would highly advise that all relevant information below should be shared with your child/ren to prepare them for the necessary changes.

Please see below videos where Mrs Kennedy-Weeks is sharing these changes for Millfield children and their parents/carers. Once you have viewed the videos, keep scrolling for lots of important information including photographs of classrooms and staff.

Part 1

Still image for this video

Part 2

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Part 3

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Millfield’s one-way system

Still image for this video

Key Worker Group from 22nd June 2020

Still image for this video

Year 4

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Summarised Changes


•Social distancing where possible, but this cannot be guaranteed
•Staggered start and finish times
•‘Bubble’ groupings of no more than 15 children
•Children will remain in their bubbles all day, including break and lunch times to avoid bubbles mixing
•1 to 3 adults per group – this may or may not be the groups’ normal teacher
•Allocated classrooms
•Allocated desk and chair per child, as well as individual resources to avoid sharing
•As much time spent outside as possible
•Schedule for outside space
•Increased hygiene
•One-way systems in place outside and inside followed by all, including parents/carers when arriving and collecting

•No scooters or bikes are permitted on the school grounds

•No visitors are permitted into the school building, including parents/carers
•No mixing of groups e.g. for assemblies
•Essential cleaning will take place during the school day and at the end of every day; in addition, there will be deep cleaning in between bubble groups sharing the same space
Photographs of Designated Classrooms
Parent/Carer Reminders
  • Check your email for your child/ren's allocated bubble group/s and the designated day/s.
  • Check your email for your child/ren's staggered start and finish times.
  • A packed lunch can be provided by the school caterer for Reception and Year 1. Your child/ren will need to choose from a cheese or ham option. Children can of course bring a home packed lunch if preferred. Nursery children will be required to bring a home packed lunch.
  • Please bring your child/ren to school with one or two healthy snacks.
  • Please make sure your child/ren bring/s a filled water bottle to school.
  • If sunny, please ensure your child/ren wear/s long lasting sun cream.
  • Non school uniform can be worn, however this must be appropriate for physical activity. Clean clothes must be worn everyday.
  • Please do not bring book bags/rucksacks or reading books into school.
For each group there will be 1-3 adults at one time.
Nursery and Pre-School:
Mrs Pattman
Mrs Hoy
Mrs Mayo
Mrs Morris
Mrs Cook
Mrs Howsen-Jones
Miss Rogers
Mrs White
Apple Class:
Miss Tetley
Mrs Boston
Mrs Arbon
Mrs Reed
Cherry Class:
Miss Collins
Mrs Nightingale
Mrs Hall
Olive Class:
Miss Halsall
Mrs Kershaw
Mrs Read
Elm Class:
Mrs Lewis
Mrs Shepherd
Year 4:
Mr Hughes, Ash Class
Mrs Wallis, Willow Class
Mrs Brown

What Will Learning Look Like?

The focus for all children during the re-opening of Millfield will centre on their wellbeing.


Teachers have carefully selected books which cover a range of different concepts, including emotions. All books chosen promote wellbeing and cover different areas of the curriculum, including PSHE and Phonics etc.


There will be new daily routines in place for children which support both Government guidance and the tailoring of our curriculum. The daily routines will include a large proportion of time being spent outside learning within their bubble group.


Every child will have their own tray on their desk which will have individual resources within it. In addition, there will be shared resources that are only used within the same bubble group. These shared resources will be cleaned at the end of everyday to limit the spread of germs.

School Values

We have high expectations at Millfield; we try hard to behave well and make good choices, as well as show our positive learning behaviours and our school values. Respectful, Determined and Proud underpin everything we do at Millfield. When Millfield re-opens, children will develop their understanding of Respectful in light of COVID-19. In terms of Respect, children will learn that this means we don't touch each other and we don't share our resources. This will be challenging because, at Millfield, we try so hard to be kind, to share and to socialise. But for the time being it will be Respectful to not share with our friends and to keep a safe distance between each other.