Within the statutory section you will find the following categories. Please hover over the 'Statutory' tab to select from one of the following sub headings to view the information:

  • Policies
  • Prospectus
  • Ofsted Report
  • School Development Plan
  • Admissions
  • Privacy Notice
  • GDPR
  • School Profile
  • Performance Tables
  • Curriculum Statement
  • Fundamental British Values



In this section you can find details of our policies.  Should you require details of a policy not shown here please contact the School Office.  This information can also be found within the policies sub heading of this section.

Click  to view our Child Protection Policy

Click  to view the DfE document Keeping Children Safe in Education

Click  to view our Health and Safety Policy

Click  to view our School Equality Scheme

Click  to view our School Equality Plan

Click  to view our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

Click  to view our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report (Local Offer)

Click  to view our Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Click  to view our Attendance Policy

Click  to view our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy

Click  to view our Home - School - Child Agreement

Click  to view our Home - School - Agreement for Nursery Pupils

Click  to view our Home - School - Agreement for Little Stars Pupils

Click  to view our Online Safety Policy including Online Safety Acceptable Use Agreements

Click  to view our Correspondence and Communication Policy

Click  to view our Charging & Remissions Policy

Click  to view our Complaints Procedure for Parents

Click  to view our Computing - Pupil's Acceptable Use Policy / e-Safety Rules

Click  to view our Guide to the Use of Images Booklet

Click  to view our Home-Learning Policy

Click  to view our Curriculum Statement and Fundamental British Values


The Freedom of Information Act requires publicly funded bodies, including schools, to be clear about the information they publish.  We have produced a publication scheme setting out all the information we publish on a regular basis and where to find it.  Ask the School Office to let you see the scheme or provide you with a copy free of charge.