Parents are always welcome to visit Millfield First & Nursery School and see the children and staff at work. Please do not hesitate to contact the School Office between 8:30am and 3:30pm to make an appointment, you are always very welcome.

Hertfordshire County Council administer our school admissions.

The admissions numbers for our year groups for the academic year 2018-2019 are 52 in Nursery, 60 in Reception and 45 in Years 1 to 4.

The admissions numbers for our year groups for the academic year 2019-2020 will be 52 in Nursery, 60 in Reception to Year 1 and 45 in Years 2 to 4.

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Admissions for Reception Places September 2018 - Information from Hertfordshire County Council website’s school admissions page

In 2018, the school admitted an additional 15 students to Reception (intake of 60) after receiving the necessary planning permission for expansion works. This enabled the intake of reception pupils to increase from 45 to 60 for this and each subsequent academic year thereafter.


Further information regarding School Admissions can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council website

Applying for a School Place to start in September 2020 - Admissions Timetable

  Child born between Applications Open  Applications Close School Places Offered Deadline to Respond to Offer 
Reception Place 01 Sep 15 - 31 Aug 16

4th November 2019

15th January 2020

16th April 2020

30th April 2020

Middle School Place 01 Sep 10 - 31 Aug 11

4th November 2019

15th January 2020

16th April 2020

30th April 2020




In Year Admissions Coordination (for Reception to Year 4)

What is an In Year admission?

An In Year admission is when a child already attends a school but wishes to transfer to another school outside of the usual transfer time, for example because the child is moving to a new address.  These transfers take place during the academic year, which is why they are referred to as In Year admissions.  Millfield First & Nursery School will continue to take part in In Year co-ordination through Hertfordshire County Council.

Full details of the In Year admissions process is available online at

Making An Application

If you live in Hertfordshire, you must use the In Year application form available at to apply for all schools including voluntary aided and foundation schools and academies.  If you live outside Hertfordshire, you should also apply to Hertfordshire County Council.

The In Year application form available online is editable so you are able to complete it electronically and submit it to Hertfordshire County Council by email.  Alternatively, you can print the form to fill in by hand and post back to Hertfordshire County Council.  You must also ask your child's current school to complete and return Part A - this is also editable and can be completed by the school and submitted by email.

Hertfordshire County Council aim to respond to applications within 10 working days.

It will not always be possible to offer you a place at the school you want for your child. Admission arrangements decide which children get a place when there are more applications than places available.  

Click  to view Admission Rules for the academic year 2019/2020.

Further Information

Further details are also available online  For any further guidance please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043.


Please contact the School directly regarding Nursery In Year Admissions. 


Parents of children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 can apply for their nursery place start in September 2020 from 4th November 2019.  The application process has changed from previous years and an application must now be made direct to the School.

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Application Process


Applications Open Applications Close Nursery Places Offered Deadline to Respond
4th November 2019 15th January 2020 14th February 2020 28th February 2020

Provision Available

From September 2018 our Nursery cohort increased to 52 spaces.

We have one intake for Nursery in September and your child will attend either a morning or afternoon session.  A preference may be expressed on the application form but this is not guaranteed.

Nursery session times are term time Monday to Friday 8:50am to 11:50am and Monday to Friday 12:10pm to 3:10pm, totalling 15 hours of free early education.  We recommend attending five sessions per week.

There are a limited number of wraparound care places available and this provision can be either funded by 30 hour funded provision and/or fee paying.  The times of the two sessions available for this provision are: Monday to Friday 11:50am to 1:20pm or 11:50am to 3:05pm.  Requests for this provision should be indicated on the Nursery application form.  Wraparound care provision is not guaranteed. You will be contacted as soon as possible by Little Stars to confirm arrangements.  Should you have any questions regarding the provision (not to request a place) please contact  Millfield Little Stars direct in the first instance.  They can be contacted via the School Office.

Flexible wrap around care provision is also available as follows and enquiries for these places should be made direct to Millfield Little Stars.  They can be contacted via the School Office.:

  • Breakfast Club (from 8:00am Monday to Friday)
  • Fun Club (3:15pm to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday and 3:15pm to 4:15pm on a Friday)
  • Holiday Club (during school holidays)

Application Form

Click  to open application form A paper copy of the application form may also be obtained from the School Office.  Completed forms must be returned to Millfield First & Nursery School and an acknowledgement of receipt obtained.  Being offered a Nursery place is not a guarantee for obtaining a Reception place.  A separate application must be made at the appropriate time for a Reception place.

Oversubscription Criteria

Places will be allocated in accordance with the oversubscription criteria if there are more applications made than spaces available.  Click  to view Nursery Admissions Oversubscription Criteria for 2020/2021.

Additional Information

Any application received after the 15.01.20 at 3:00pm will be treated as a late application and processed on 28.02.20.

We will hold a waiting list and places will be allocated, if and when available, according to the oversubscription criteria against the waiting list at the time a place becomes available.

We will use Google maps as a measuring tool to measure home-school distance measurements as measured in a straight line.

There is no appeal procedure for Nursery admissions and, therefore, any complaints would be managed using the complaints procedure.

Further Information

Visits to our Nursery are most welcome and can be arranged by contacting the School Office on 01763 271717.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance with your application.