Key Stage 1

Hatfield Forest

June 2017

Key Stage 1 had a great day at Hatfield Forest on Friday 23rd June.

Athletics Event at St Edmunds College

June 2017

Some children from Key Stage 1 represented the school at an Athletics Event at St Edmunds College on Tuesday 20th June.

They had lots of fun and we are proud of them all.  They came in first place and were pleased with their own achievements.

Firemen Visit

October 2016

On Tuesday 11th October, the Firemen from Buntingford Fire Station came to talk to Key Stage 1 about the Great Fire of London, the fire service now and fire safety at home and for bonfire night. 

Multi Skills Festival

October 2016

Year 2 had a sporty afternoon at the Multi Skills Festival held at Edwinstree School on Thursday 6th October.  They practised a variety of skills including throwing, catching, balancing and running. 

Great Fire of London Day

September 2016

Key Stage One had a fun day on Tuesday 13th September learning about the Great Fire of London.  The children carried out activities in 'shops' in the morning and an 'archaeological dig' in the afternoon.

Visit to Church

February 2016

Key Stage One visited the local United Reformed Church on Thursday 25th February as part of their RE work on 'Special Places'.

Mr Godbert, one of our Governors, talked to the children about the features of the building and how important it is to him.

On Safari

February 2016

Key Stage One have been exploring the world of Safaris and enjoyed creating their own savanna complete with wild animals and safari jeep. 

Model Locomotives

October 2015

Key Stage One had a great time designing and making model locomotives having learnt all about George Stevenson.

Sports Afternoon

October 2015

On Thursday 1st October, Year 2 enjoyed a sports afternoon at Edwinstree School.  Everyone had a great time!

Victorian Day

September 2015

On Friday 11th September, Key Stage 1 had a wonderful day learning all about life as a Victorian. 

Everyone came in costume and had the chance to experience what life was like at that time.

Hatfield Forest

June 2015

On Tuesday 9th June, Key Stage 1 had a wonderful visit to Hatfield Forest taking part in activities such as a bug hunt and a tree detective activity.

Owls Visit

February 2015

Key Stage 1 had a fantastic time when four beautiful owls visited the school on Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

Road Safety Skills

February 2015

Key Stage 1 have been learning road safety skills

Fencing Lessons

October 2014

Key Stage 1 had a morning of fencing lessons from a sports coach on Monday 16th October.  They had great fun using the plastic swords and masks.

Walton-on-the-Naze Trip

May 2014

All of the children in Key Stage 1 had a wonderful time on their visit to the seaside.

Model Building

February 2014

Key Stage 1 have been making models of houses from the time of the 'Great Fire of London'.

They had lots of fun and on Friday 7th February some parents came along to help. 

Great Fire of London Day

January 2014

On Monday 29th January, Key Stage 1 had a wonderful day finding out about the Great Fire of London.

Everyone came in costume and had the chance to experience what life was like at that time.


Art and DT Portrait

November 2013

Throughout the Autumn term we have been learning about ourselves through our Science Topic, but also in Art and DT.  We began the year by learning a range of techniques and self-portraiture styles, before learning about frames in DT during the second part of the Autumn term.

We looked at famous artists such as Cocteau, Basquiat, Freud and Bacon and enjoyed creating our own work in their style using a range of art equipment.

We carefully designed our picture frames and used different types of beans to create a pattern for our frame. Later, we used our frames as inspiration for our gift tags (the frames were made as a Christmas present). We also thought hard about how to improve our work further by completing a self-evaluation form.

 For most, the best part was making the frames and tags!

Science Morning

November 2013

In Key Stage 1, the children have been learning about their five senses. This was a cross-curricular topic between Science and Literacy. As part of their learning, the children took part in three ‘hands on’ workshops aboutsight, smell and taste. They enjoyed identifying smells, investigating the effects of light on their vision (in preparation for our light and dark topic), and tasting an array of sweet savoury and sharp tastes. 

Autumn Walk

October 2013

On Tuesday 15th October 2013, Key Stage 1 went on an exciting Autumn Walk. We focussed on using our five senses (our Science topic), as we looked for changes in the environment. We also took part in an Autumn Investigation, looking for different trees and bushes. Can you recognise any of those featured in our photos.