Dig and climb to collect all the historical treasure


Be a brave knight in a Tudor joust!
Children of World War 2  
See what it was like to be a child in the war
A Step Back in Time!  
Travel back in time and explore a Victorian house
Mummy Maker  
Help Kha, the chief embalmer, to prepare Ramose, the Officer of the King, for his funeral
Iron Age Celts  
Rumage through the bog to find stories and games from 2000 years ago
Great Fire of London  
Listen to the story and play games along the way
Famous People  
Play the games to learn about these historical figures
Escape from the Mummys Tomb  
Explore the tomb but watch out! There's a Mummy on the loose...
Darwins Footsteps  
follow Darwin's Journey for a Fun Adventure