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Middle Schools

If your child is transitioning to Ralph Sadlier in September 2020, please see below the transition booklet sent from Ralph Sadlier to support your child with this change.

Questions and Answers from Edwinstree


Please thank your child for submitting any questions they had about their transition to Edwinstree. After hearing back from Edwinstree, we are now able to provide responses these questions. We hope that these are helpful and support your child in the transition process.


Your Edwinstree Questions Answered




Are you allowed your own stationary? Yes


Are you allowed to keep your own pens on your desk? Yes


What field trip is in Year 8? (Just wondering) TBC


Can you choose where you want to sit? No, each lesson has a seating plan


What will be the desk setup? One to a desk or two e.t.c Normally 2 to a desk, government depending


Can you wear your hair down? Yes, but it must be tied up in science practicals, technology and PE


How often is PE? 2 sessions a week


Are there any assembly awards like Millfield? We have merits and celebratory collective worships


How do you know when it is your turn to eat lunch? You will be called in by an MSA

Where do you put your phone when you get there? In a designated drawer by the office

 Is there a map of Edwinstree? Yes


How much homework is there? Maths, English, French all once a week


How long are the lessons? 1 hour


Do I carry my bags around all day? Yes


What happens at lunchtime? Do I carry my lunch around with me? Packed lunches are brought to hall in your form-box, school dinners are called in.


What is there to do in the playground? Wooden play equipment, tennis courts, fields


Is there a breakfast club and after school clubs? There is no breakfast club but we have several clubs after school


Do I have a timetable? If so when will I get this? Yes, on your first day

What time does school start, what time are the breaks? What time does school finish? 8:40/3:20 start and end. Break 10:50-11:10, Lunch 1:10-1:50

How do I choose what I would like for lunch? The menu is written on a board as you line up

I go to "breakfast club" and "fun club" after school at Millfield, can I do that at Edwinstree? How would my mum arrange it? There is no breakfast club, lots of after school clubs- arranged with teacher respectively

When do I find out what form class I am in? Will I find out who else is in my form class and the name of my form teacher? How many children in a class? There are 30 children per class, you will find out on your first day.

How many other form classes are there in Year 5? Do I have all my lessons with my form class or are classes with a mix of other form groups? Are classes in sets/ streamed? There are no sets. There are 4 classes in Y5. All lessons are with your form apart from PE

Are PE lessons mixed with boys and girls or separate? Are there changing rooms? With showers? Do I leave my PE kit at school or just bring it in on PE lesson day? PE lessons are sometimes separate, e.g. for contact rugby. Yes changing rooms- showers are very rarely used- only for extreme mud! Bring your  kit in on the day

Where do I leave my coat and school bag? Do we have lockers? Leave them on your peg in your form room

Where do I go on my first day? School hall- people will guide you

What do I need to bring with me to school? Eg. Pens, pencil, ruler, calculator etc. This will be in the pack you will receive soon!


Year 4 Transition Pack


Below is a transition pack to support you with your transition to Middle School. You can work through the pack at your own pace. When you have completed sections of the pack you may want to email them to your class teacher; Mrs Wallis and Mrs Hughes would love to hear your ideas and support you at this time.



Message for Parents/Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,


As we are all aware, Year 4 children should be enjoying their final term at Millfield. As we remain uncertain regarding the Government’s plans over the coming few weeks for introducing a phased return for other year groups, we have decided to put in place remote transitional activities to support your child whilst still at home. These can be adjusted should we make a return to school in the next few weeks.


Millfield staff have been preparing for the Year 4 transition to middle school right from the beginning of the year. The expectations, with regards to their learning in the classroom, are in line with expectations that middle schools require. Year 4 teachers have regular meetings with other Year 4 teachers from local settings, as well as local middle school teachers to discuss what is being taught, how we can support our children for the next stage in their education and to plan related activity events.


Year 4 children have visited Edwinstree for a Science afternoon and a Design & Technology afternoon this academic year. In addition, Edwinstree teachers have visited Millfield with Year 5 and 6 children for Dance, Drama and Music Workshops. These opportunities have provided children with an insight into middle schools and the curriculum they offer. Due to these visits, the children that will be attending Edwinstree, have had the opportunity to see different parts of the school, as well as meet school staff. In the summer term, we normally build on these opportunities for our Year 4 children and also provide opportunities for children that will be attending Ralph Sadleir e.g. a music concert. As we are in unprecedented times, the Summer term transition activities unfortunately cannot take place as planned, but the Senior Leadership Team and Year 4 teachers have been working hard with our local middle schools to ensure opportunities are modified to support the Year 4 children.  


We have been in touch with the Year 5 teachers at Edwinstree and Ralph Sadleir and have requested photographs and/or videos of their school premises and staff. We are hoping to be able to share these with you over the coming weeks so you can share and discuss these with your child at home.  


We appreciate that your child may have many questions about their middle school. Usually, teachers from the local middle schools would visit the children at Millfield to talk to them about a usual day at school and also answer any questions they may have. We are still able to offer this – please discuss with your child what questions they have and email these to your child’s class teacher via the class email address by Friday 26th June 2020. The Year 4 teachers will collate these questions and liaise with the middle school staff to answer them. We will then provide you with a detailed question and answer document that will support your child.


We are aware that many children will want to know which class they have been allocated to and may be interested in which of their friends they will be in lessons with. In the past, we have been requested by middle schools to ask children, which of their 3 friends they would like to be in a class with for September. We still want to offer this opportunity to the children, therefore, please have this discussion with your child and email your child’s class teacher via the class email address with their 3 friendship choices by Friday 26th June 2020. Along with sharing friendship information with middle school staff, we also share which children work well academically together. We cannot guarantee that they will be with the friends that they have chosen but the middle schools will try to accommodate some preferences.


As a school, we like to encourage the Year 4 children to reflect on their time at Millfield, as well as think about their aims and ambitions for the future. With the uncertainty of a return to school for our Year 4 children, this may not be able to take place in school this year. As a result, later in the Summer term, we will provide related activities to be completed at home via the school website. You will be informed by email when these have been uploaded.


As you will be aware, this week should have been the Year 4 trip to Lincolnsfields. As shared via email, as this sadly could not happen, we wanted to provide an alternative option for our Year 4 children. For each day that the trip was booked for, we have provided an activity, which is similar to an activity that the children would have undertaken at Lincolnsfields. We have shared the activities on the Year 4 Page on the school website.  If you wish to share, please email your child's completed activities to their class teacher via the class email address. We hope that the Year 4 children enjoy completing these activities.


Another important time for the Year 4 children is their Leaver’s Assembly in which they perform a show and are presented with a gift from the school. This unfortunately cannot happen this year but we can make it happen in a different way! We are going to put together a Leaver’s Video and will be asking you to send in a video of your child if they want to be included. We will then collate the video clips and make a performance for you all to watch and enjoy. This could be your child performing a talent such as gymnastics, football skills, singing, or recalling a particular memory from their time at Millfield. More details will be given to you shortly about when and where to send your video, but for now, your child could get practicing!


Historically, Year 4 children are presented with an autograph book at the end of their Leaver’s Assembly. This gift is a Millfield tradition and will still be provided for our Year 4 children this year. However, as an addition to this, due to a very different Year 4 experience, we wanted to provide the children with a further gift. We want this to remain a surprise for the Year 4 children so please help us to keep this our secret! We would like to provide every child in year 4 with a Millfield Leaver’s T-shirt. This will be a present from the school so is at no cost to you. To ensure your child receives a T- shirt that fits them, we would like to know which size to order. We are planning to order age 9 – 11 as this will suit most children. However, if you would like a different size for your child, please let your child’s class teacher know before the 16th June 2020 via the class email address. Other sizes available are age 8 or age 12-14.


In summary,

please look out for:

if you wish to, please:

The Q&A document about middle schools.

Email questions that your child has about their middle school to your child’s class teacher in order for a Q&A document to be shared with all.

Videos/Photographs of middle schools which will be uploaded to the Transition section within the Children tab on our school website in due course.

Email your child’s friendship choices to your child’s class teacher.

More information about how to share your child’s performance for the Leaver’s Video.

Encourage your child to practice for the Leaver’s Video.

Transition activities which will be uploaded to the Transition section of the school website in due course.


Email your child’s class teacher if you require a smaller or larger t-shirt for your child.


Have a go at the Lincolnsfields’ activities and share these with the class teacher via email.


Kind regards,


Millfield Senior Leadership Team and Year 4 Teachers