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We are occasionally featured in the local newspaper. These articles give a flavour of the exciting activities which take place at our School.

Year 2 have been piecing it together

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 20th November 2014

The move into bigger classroom

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 13th November 2014


MP presents award for great leadership

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 19th June 2014


Children's author hails new library

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 16th January 2014

GlaxoSmithKline Scientists educate Millfield students

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 21st November 2013


Students from Millfield First School were visited by a team of scientists from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) during a special science and maths day.

The Key Stage Two pupils from years three and four at the Buntingford school got dressed up in white lab coats and got hands-on experience of science experiments on Wednesday.

Teacher Ms Catherine Young said: "The children had a great time and really enjoyed the hands-on investigations.  Afterwards quite a few even said they wanted to be scientists when they grew up."

Each year group had their own session of doing experiments with GSK team members.  Years three and four then had a joint results session to discuss their findings.  The experiment sessions were about an hour and a half in length and were followed by a half-hour talk on the results.

The children experimented with five different fabrics, testing five properties; stretchy, warm, dry, waterproof and tough.

A GSK spokesperson said: "The children had a great day and I hope that we managed to sow a seed of interest in science that will grow as they continue their education."

Staff at GlaxoSmithKline, with offices in Ware, are permitted to take one day a year off work to give something back to the community.  This day is called an Orange Day.  The object of the Orange Day initiative is to inspire young scientists and potentially persuade them to pursue a career in science.

Headteacher Kathy Willett said: "It was a fantastic day of learning for the children, we are really grateful that the people at GSK took the time to make the day so special for the children."

The school has held special activity days in the past.  This was the first time that specialists had visited the school to give pupils a chance to get some first hand experience of scientific studies.

In addition to Orange Day, GSK runs other programmes for the next generation of scientists such as their Scientists in Sport programme.  The programme uses sport to inspire 11-14 year olds to think differently about science.  It also provides teachers with free resources to help bring science to life in the classroom, covering performance analysis, technology, anatomy, psychology and nutrition.


Music festival organisers give helping hand to school library

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 24th October 2013

Book swap sets reading rocketing at Buntingford school

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 13th June 2013



CHILDREN at a Buntingford school went home with a whole new library after taking part in a book swap day.

Pupils at Millfield First and Nursery School in Monks Walk each brought up to three books to the site on Friday June 7.

They exchanged them for vouchers, which in turn were offered up to buy books that were new to them that had been brought in by the other children.

Headteacher Kathy Willett said: “It went really well".  “Nearly everybody brought a book in and they all went home with new books.”

The idea was the brainwave of the Reading Rockets – a group of eight pupils from Years 2 to 4, whose job is to come up with literary activities for their peers.

The book swap was for all the year groups, including Reception and Year 1.

Mrs Willett said: “The Reading Rockets designed the posters, advertised the event, helped set it up and put the books out.  We will definitely do it again.  It was very popular.”

Other ideas that the Reading Rockets have thought of include story-telling, whereby the older children tell stories to the younger ones, and asking all the pupils to collect jokes to put in a school joke book.

Mrs Willett said: “They’ve had a lot of ideas over time.”

The group meets with her regularly to discuss future literary initiatives at the school.

Hedgehog beats owl in cute battle

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 28th March 2013





From the page to the classroom

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 14th March 2013

Children's hospice says thank you to big-hearted pupils

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 15th November 2012


World-wise award for Buntingford school

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 8th November 2012


Youngsters at Buntingford’s Millfield First School have been celebrating scooping an award for its international connections.

The British Council International School Award recognises schools who have worked hard to instil a global outlook in its pupils.

Headteacher Kathy Willett said: “We have established links with schools in other countries and are paired with Yayasan Widya Guna, an orphanage in Indonesia and a Welsh speaking school, Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg, in Caerphilly, Wales. 

“We also had an international week where each classroom represented a different country and did a lot of international work around the Olympics. 

“Living in Buntingford the children get limited options to meet children from other cultures and walks of life, so we want to make the children as world-wise as possible.” 

Youngsters also recently took part in a dinosaur-themed day. 

An inflatable ‘dinosaur dome’ was put up in the school hall and the students, dressed as palaeontologists, were treated inside to a 3D dinosaur film. 

The students had a chance as well to dig in sand trays and recover fossils borrowed from a museum. 

Ms Willett said: “Key stage one classes really enjoyed the topic on dinosaurs, it’s very accessible for children of that age. Coming into school dressed up and going into the dome made the topic come alive for them. 

“Obviously they learned a lot more about actual dinosaurs and more about how palaeontologists go about their work.”


Caretaker's farewell

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 4th October 2012

Characters leap off the page for World Book Day

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 8th March 2012

Pupils are evacuated to war-torn Britain

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 23rd February 2012

Pupils travel world in a week

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 23rd February 2012

Budgens boost to school netbooks

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 16th February 2012

Governors' contribution recognised

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 23rd June 2011

Pupils bridge the gap during reading project

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 16th June 2011

Dress-up day puts pupils in good books

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 10th March 2011


Dance fever as pupils catch the jitterbug

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 24th February 2011

Kids create the right impression

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 17th February 2011

Pioneering students log on to the future of education

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 13th January 2011

Buntingford school gets makeover thanks to volunteers

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 23rd December 2010

A School playground was given a makeover by volunteers who also raised the money needed to carry out the work.


Employees from GlaxoSmithKline's statistical sciences department came to Millfield First School in Monks Walk, Buntingford on Tuesday to carry out £500 worth of improvements to the Key Stage 1 playground.


The dozen volunteers, working out of Ware, Stevenage and Harlow offices, spent the day clearing flowerbeds, building a new planter and putting bulbs in it and installing benches in the playground.


One of the volunteers is a governor at the school and GlaxoSmith Kline offers employees a paid-day each year to help out at an organisation, known as Orange Day.

“We’re absolutely delighted,” said Kathy Willett, headteacher at Millfield First School. “At the end of the day we all made them tea and thanked them for what they had done, though I think there were a few aching bones.

“We’re really appreciative as it was a long day for them; luckily the weather wasn’t too bad.”

Pupils embark on Greek odyssey

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 7th October 2010

Youngsters reopen the case of the lost dinosaurs

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 23rd September 2010

Fair game for summer fun!

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 15th July 2010



Every dad has his special day

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 24th June 2010

Parents and residents go back to school for a day

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 17th June 2010

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 3rd June 2010

Extra fun on pupils' timetable

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 20th May 2010

Pupils spell out parking problem

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 11th March 2010

MP in school for eco award

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 11th February 2010

Millfield makes its mark with top award

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 28th January 2010

Pupils create festive spirit

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 27th November 2009

Crafty class gives gift to residents

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 17th July 2009

School fair celebrates 40th birthday in style

Buntingford and Royston Mercury - 19th June 2009