School Meals

School Lunches

Healthy School Meals are served in the dining hall under the supervision of dining room helpers. We operate a three week menu, which parents are given.  The children then pre-select their meal choice of red – hot, green – veg, yellow – packed lunch or blue - jacket potato when they arrive at school. Children will be encouraged to try a little of all the food on their plates. We offer flexibility about which day your child has a school meal.

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Pupils in Reception and Key Stage One are entitled to a free school meal and the price of a school dinner for pupils in Key Stage Two is £2.50 per day (£2.60 per day from 1st April 2019).  Dinner money can be paid weekly (£12.50 / £13.00 from 1st April 2019) or half-termly. Please ensure that it is sent in a well-sealed envelope with your child’s name and class clearly marked. Cheques should be made payable to 'Herts Catering Ltd'

Parents are strongly advised to check and register if they consider their child is eligible for Free School Meals so that our school receives the maximum Pupil Premium entitlement. Further  information is available on the HertsDirect website or, alternatively,  contact the School Office in confidence.


Packed Lunches

Lunches should be brought to school in a suitable strong container with your child’s name and class clearly marked on the front. At Millfield we promote healthy living, with this in mind we ask for your support in encouraging your child to eat healthily and in supplying them with a ‘healthy’ packed lunch. Sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks are not permitted, though a chocolate bar such as a kit-kat is acceptable.  Please ensure that the lunch does not contain any nut products and that all content/nutrition labels on packaged items are checked thoroughly to ensure the items do not contain any nut products, eg snack bars. Children take home any food that they have not eaten so that parents can monitor their child’s eating.

Click to view a copy of the Simply Good Food Pupils' Choice Menu for Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020.

This menu starts week commencing 4th November 2019.