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Meet the Reception Teaching Team:
The Reception Learning Environment:

Please find a link below to a letter containing further important induction information relating to your child joining our Reception Class in September 2020.

Please see our Presentation Slides for the 2021-22 parent/carer induction. These were presented to parents/carers during the induction virtual session on 17th June 2021 by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, EYFS Team Leader and Reception Class Teachers.

Skills for starting Reception at Millfield
There are many ways you can support your child to prepare them for starting Reception. Below is a list of useful skills your child can develop with you at home to support their transition into Reception at Millfield.
  • Get undressed and dressed independently – this makes playtime and P.E. more enjoyable as children have more time to play and learn.
  • Use the toilet confidently and independently
  • Wash hands properly and independently
  • Carry own things – your child will bring their bag into school themselves, so practice this at home!
  • Learn to use cutlery – encouraging children to cut up their own food, eating as a family on a regular basis will help her to master these skills
  • Encourage lots of outdoor play -  jumping, swinging, running and playing on climbing apparatus. Big physical play helps the brain develop, and builds the smaller muscles ready for writing later on.
  • Share and take turns - you can encourage this through activities like family board games and giving your child opportunities to play with other children.
  • Experience of being away from you and in the company of others – this will really support your child with coming into school.
  • Talking as a family – this helps children become more confident communicators
  • Encourage a love of books - sharing cuddly story times, discussing favourite characters and parts of the story.
  • Recognise their own name - so your child can find their own peg
  • Correct pencil control – If your child is doing any drawing or writing encourage them to use a tripod pencil grip.
  • Write their name – encourage your child to practice first copying, and then writing their own name ready to write on their learning.
  • Have fun counting everything - buttons on coats, stairs, how many steps it takes to reach the kitchen. Point out favourite numbers, such as your child’s age, on the calendar, house numbers and number plates on cars.
  • Tidy up – encourage your child to tidy up toys they have got out ready for school.
  • Be really positive about starting school - Walk past it regularly, talk about what the children do there, and make a big deal of how much fun your child will have.


Any fun activity you do at home will support your child’s development such as, baking, cleaning, going to the park, going for a walk, drawing pictures, speaking to family members and playing games!


We are incredibly excited to meet your child in September and hope you have a safe summer!

If you wish, you can click the link below to download the list of skills.

Apple Class

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Cherry Class

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