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Spring Term 2021 Remote Learning

Please use exercise book and a pencil to record your child’s learning.

We will also add a daily challenge on Tapestry as well as story times.

Please check Tapestry daily for lesson clips to support learning tasks.


We suggest:

  • You read every day and select a reading task to help with comprehension
  • Your child chooses 1 task for phonics each day
  • Your child spends time on a task every day for Topic (in Reception children in school spend approx. 20 minutes writing, therefore, you might want to spend more than one day on each task)
  • For Maths, you spend up to 20 mins following the suggested activities


Any learning you do is beneficial to your child. There’s no right or wrong way of carrying out these tasks. Every child learns differently – don’t worry just have a go!

Parent tips – when your child is writing ask them to first sound out the word/sentence before they write them down, allow the children to write phonetically (how the word sounds) to encourage independent writing! We are encouraging the children to use finger spaces between the words in their sentences.
If you have any questions regarding home learning please email Miss Tetley or Miss Ray:


We would love to see as much of this learning as possible on Tapestry! Please share videos and photographs of your children’s learning and we will add extra messages on Tapestry for you and your children!   


Remember to scroll down to find extra reading, well-being and P.E. activities to support your child’s learning during the school closure.

Tuesday 19th January 2021 Home Learning - Reception

19.1.21 Maths - Positional Language Picture

19.1.21 Topic - Story Map Example

Mindfulness with Mrs Kershaw

Still image for this video

Monday 18th January 2021 Home Learning - Reception

18.1.21 Maths - Where's the Monkey?

Daily challenge - 18.1.21

Still image for this video

Little Red Riding Hood Animation

Friday 15th January 2021 Home Learning - Reception

Daily challenge - 15.1.21

Still image for this video

15.1.21 Maths - Numberblocks - What Makes 10?

15.1.21 Topic - Save the Snowman!

Daily challenge - 14.1.21

Still image for this video

Thursday 14th January Topic - Building a snowman

Wednesday 13th January 2021 Home learning - Reception

Daily challenge - 13.1.21

Still image for this video

Daily challenge - 12.1.21

Still image for this video

12.1.21 - Phonics

Still image for this video

Daily challenge 11.1.21

Still image for this video

Friday 8th January 2021 Home Learning - Reception

Daily challenge - 8.1.21

Still image for this video

8.1.21 Topic - All About Me e-book

Daily challenge 7.1.21

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th January Home Learning - Reception

Daily challenge 6.1.21

Still image for this video

6th January Topic learning book 🌏My World Your World🌍


Read as many books, comics etc. as you can.

We recommend that parents/carers sign up to Oxford Owls online, which is free and will allow you to read books online and listen to others:


Tasks to complete after reading:

  • Talk to someone about what you have read.
  • Think about the characters including their behaviour, their emotions etc.
  • Find out the meaning of any words you don’t know, this will help you use this vocabulary in your writing.
  • Write a book review.
  • Draw a picture and label your favourite character.
  • Make a story map.




Yoga: Yoga for children can be found online, in school we sometimes use:

Internet search: Joe Wicks for kids to find 5 minute workouts!

Can you build an obstacle course in the garden/living room to practice your balance?

Challenge children to see what they can do in a minute e.g. star jumps, press ups, sit ups, step ups and burpees. 



Being at home for long periods will be different for everyone! Please encourage your child/ren to relax and reflect just as we do in school.

Suggested activities include:

Listen to music and draw an image to represent what you hear.

Internet search: Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Deep breathing using props:

  • Use bubbles: Blowing gently to create bubbles is a good way to be playful and breathe deeply. Kids have to blow carefully and slowly to make the bubbles, which is a major reason why I like using it to help kids take deep breaths.
  • Use a stuffed animal to practice deep breathing: Have your child lay down on their back and put a stuffed animal on their belly. Have them breathe in and move the stuffed animal up, then breathe out and bring the stuffed animal back down. This helps teach kids to use their belly to take big deep breaths. Another alternative is to use a weighted stuffed animal.
  • Use a feather: Get some coloured feathers and pick out one feather to use. It could be a colour that they love or one that makes them feel calm. Breathe in and hold it for a count of 3, then breathe out going up on one side of the feather and down the other side.
  • Use videos by searching ‘breathing exercises for children’ e.g.