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We help children to learn through stimulating, challenging and enjoyable activities. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through a range of mediums. We use our topics as inspiration for children’s art learning. Throughout school, art skills are introduced, developed and refined.


During Early Years, children enjoy mark making through drawing and painting and are encouraged to use a variety of tools and techniques. Throughout Key Stage 1, children have the opportunity to explore different tone, experiment with colour and use techniques to develop their own creativity e.g. clay models. Throughout Key Stage 2, children develop the ability to select their own media, techniques and tools to create their own designs and models.


We encourage children to use their creativity and imaginations to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. Children across our school have the opportunity to work with construction, materials and food. Children are encouraged to work through the same process of design, create and evaluate.

Subject Related Early Years Curriculum at Millfield