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Millfield Sports News

Spring Term Sports at Millfield


It has been a very different Spring term for all children at Millfield due to COVID-19. However, this hasn’t stopped all children working as hard as ever within their PE lessons whether they were in school or learning from home.


During the lockdown period, Mr Rome produced home PE lessons for each class within the school, as well as a year group challenge each week. There were also daily whole school video workouts that could be completed at any time of the day! Feedback from families proved that children enjoyed taking part with the exercise set by Mr Rome.



Over the Spring Term our Early Years children have been working on different yoga stretches, balances and basic throwing and catching skills. Children have had the opportunity of fundamental team building activities which include parachute games, as well as developing throwing and catching skills.



Mr Rome’s PE lessons consisted of circuit training activities, looking to build on stamina, balance and agility. These exercises included squats, star jumps and sit ups. Children also developed their throwing and catching skills; whilst developing these skills the children played a variety of different games which also included team building activities. These activities supported children with gaining an understanding of how to become a good team player.



The children have been taking part in different exercises through circuit training. The aim for the KS2 children was to increase strength, stamina and coordination skills. Exercises have included press ups, sit ups, squat jumps and planks. The children enjoyed participating in team building dodgeball games, each lesson had a different focus with rules specific to each game. Year 3 children have also been working on learning all about Lacrosse. during the last three weeks of term, Mr Rome has given the children the opportunity to take part in a number of different orienteering activities. These skills include following clues to take them to each answer, or reading a map from a birds-eye view and finally completing different faces with equipment in the order given.

Virtual Events

Despite the lockdown, our KS2 children have still had opportunities of virtual events. The year 4 children had a basketball event where they had to participate in a number of different skills working on coordination, agility and speed. Children attending the onsite provision took part in different multi-skills activities.


We are looking forward to a Summer Term full of more sporting opportunities for our children at Millfield.

Spring Term House Results

All the children at Millfield have been working hard to earn tokens for their house.


Spring Term Winners:

RED HOUSE - 264 tokens


2nd place:

GREEN HOUSE - 232 tokens


3rd place:

BLUE HOUSE - 217 tokens


4th place:

ORANGE HOUSE - 193 tokens

Autumn Term 2020 Sports at Millfield


During the Autumn Term 2020 at Millfield, the children have been really busy participating in a number of different sports within their PE lessons. The children worked with determination on a developing a variety of sporting skills. 


Early years have been learning lots of different spatial awareness games, fundamental throwing and catching skills, as well as a number of different balances and movements.


Key Stage 1 (KS1) children have been participating in football, tag rugby, hockey and netball lessons with Mr Rome. They have also enjoyed multi-skills lessons with their class teachers.


Key Stage 2 (KS2) children focused on football, tag rugby, hockey and basketball with Mr Rome. With their class teachers, children have been learning the rules of team games such as dodgeball and netball.


Children had the opportunity of competing against other local schools in a variety of different virtual events.




Well done to 2 teams of KS1 children: Pikachu Gang came first and Football Unicorns came second within a county Tri-golf tournament - congratulations! 

Our KS2 children were also busy with virtual events.

These included:

Year 3 Girls Cross Country’ and ‘Year 4 Girls Cross Country’ in which we would like to congratulate Esme in Year 3 and Emiliana in Year 4 for both coming in second place!

A big well done to George in Year 3 and Ben in Year 4 for also coming in second place for their Cross County races.


Group 1 within KS2 also managed to secure a second placed spot in the virtual Pentathlon!


What a successful term Millfield children have had - we are all very proud of them!