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At Millfield, high quality texts are at the core of our English writing lessons. Teachers immerse children in exciting learning environments to develop their creativity and language quality. We use a three-phrase planning approach to support children with a clear progression of skills.


Phase 1:

Immersion in text

Shared reading

Enjoy, explore and respond to text

Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation practice

Develop comprehension skills

Identify language and genre features

Phase 2:

Gather ideas

Oral rehearsal



Phase 3

Shared writing

Teacher modelling

Teacher scribing

Supported composition

Guided writing

Independent writing

Draft, revise, edit



The writing opportunities provided ensure children are writing for different purposes including, to inform, entertain, persuade and discuss. 


Writing for a purpose is carefully planned for. We ensure every year group are exposed to diverse and engaging texts as a platform to teach the national curriculum aims.


Millfield has developed a text map which ensures that children are exposed to a wide range of genres including, fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Our text map guarantees that texts used in our English lessons are of high quality, diverse and varied, introduce children to an enriching vocabulary, and hold significant literary value. The text map allows us to check that the skills children are learning progresses through the year groups to ensure progress in their writing.

Millfield's Text Type and Purpose Coverage

Writing Progression at Millfield


We use a range of methods to support children

with their spelling; this begins in the Early Years

when they begin their phonics journey. From Year 2,

children access an online platform, Spelling Shed.

This supports teaching and learning both in school

and at home.


Common Exceptions Words (CEW) 

Here are the CEW and the spelling patterns that children need to know and use correctly within their writing by the end of each year group.



At Millfield, we use an online programme to

support handwriting in school and at home.

Children can access fun activities to help

develop their fine motor and handwriting skills.

Below is a handwriting letter formation sheet showing each letter formation.  This sheet can be used to help your child practice letter formation.