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PTA Roles

Chair Alex Dobinson
Vice Chair Emma Plunkett
Treasurer Rebecca Plant
Vice Treasurer Emma Plunkett

Rachel Schofield

Who are the PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) includes a group of teachers and parent/carer volunteers. We are a registered charity, and all of our proceeds are generated through fundraising and donations.  You do not need  any special qualifications, just a desire to help make more fun for the children.


What is the aim of the PTA?

Our aim is to raise money for the School to spend on items that might not otherwise be available from the normal school budget. The PTA think of ideas to raise money for our children, so that they can enjoy their school lives to the full. Our events give the children the chance to have some fun with their school friends out of school hours. Your participation in these events is vital to our success.


What is the money spent on?

The money we raise is spent on books, indoor and outdoor play equipment, the library, storage, IT equipment and anything that will benefit the school and pupils, without these funds our children will not have access to the extra things that make their school life better.


How is the money raised?

During the year we hold various events including: Christmas Fairs, Easter Egg Hunts, Movie Nights and so on. We have also held events for adults only such as quiz nights and pamper nights. All profits go directly to the school.


We can also raise funds without you having to give up your time through collecting school vouchers including Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons.


Easyfundraising is a fantastic and simple way to raise funds and you really don’t need to do anything, just register.  Full details are provided within the Easyfundraising tab of the Parent Section on our website.  The website address for Easyfundraising is 


So, how can YOU help?

Simple, we don’t ask for a lot, but without a little bit of your help it’s very difficult to put any events on for our children to enjoy. Helping can be as simple as supervising the children at a Movie Night, to helping with refreshments at one of our evenings. We have a very simple questionnaire that you could fill out that lets us know what help you could provide. Honestly, every little really does help. Even donating a raffle prize for these events is a help.