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Online Safety

Always be SMART when you are online.


Remember to speak to an adult if there is anything you are unsure of or that is bothering you when using the internet.


S is for safe

Always keep your personal information safe. If you are chatting or posting online don’t give away things like your full name, password or home address. Keep all of your personal information safe and to yourself.


M is for meet

Meeting up with someone you have met online, even a friend of a friend, can be dangerous as this person is still a stranger. If someone you only know online ever asks you to meet up, for personal information or for photos/videos of you then tell an adult straight away and report them together on 


A is for accepting

Always think carefully before you click on or open something online (e.g. links, adverts, friend requests, photos) as you never know where they may lead to or they may contain viruses. Do not accept something if you do not know who sent it. Speak to an adult if you are sent anything suspicious.


R is for reliable

You cannot trust everything you see online. Some information can be out of date, false or not entirely true. To help find reliable information compare at least three different websites, check in books and talk to someone about what you have found.


T is for tell

Tell a trusted adult if anything online makes you feel upset, worried or confused. This could also be if you or someone you know is being bullied online. There are lots of people who will be able to help you like your teachers, parents, carers or contact Childline – 0800 11 11 or 


Be SMART with a heart

You should always be smart with a heart by being kind and respectful to others online. Make the internet a safer place by helping your friends if they are worried or upset by anything that happens online.


Online footprints

There is no guarantee that any comments or images you post online can be deleted. Even if you delete it yourself, it may still be visible to other people. 



To view the Whistleblowing Policy and Complaint Policy and Procedure please follow the link below to the policy section on the school website: