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Parent Voice

Parent Voice helps us to review many aspects of school life. Please see a taster of responses that we have received:


Summer Term 2022


School Report:

'Your report made us both laugh out loud. Thank you for being a great and knowledgeable teacher. Our child has come home most days with exciting facts or tells us 'guess what we did today?''


Year 1 Trip to Mountfitchet Castle:

'Thank you, my child had an amazing time, his favourite part was when his teacher was in the stocks!'


Year 4 Residential:

'So pleased this trip took place, it is the first time my child has been away. The staff were great with updating us with all the wonderful activities they took part in.'

Spring Term 2022


NSPCC Number Day:

'My child loved dressing up as a number today!'


Year 3 Spring Class Assemblies:

'Great to see the children Maypole Dancing, it was very traditional and brought back memories from when I was at school.'

Autumn Term 2021


Tapestry Workshop: 

'Great to learn all about Tapestry, can't wait to see pictures of my child in school.'


Parent/Carer Consultations:

'The virtual meeting with my child's class teacher worked well. It was lovely to hear how my child has settled into their new class.'


Harvest Foodbank:

'My child was very excited to share that there was so much food that Millfield had donated to Millfield Foodbank. He was clearly very proud.'

Summer Term 2021


Year 4 School Trip: Obstacle Training Ground:

'A wonderful way for children to mark their time at Millfield- they had so much fun!'


Summer Sports:

'My child was so happy to take part in a variety of sports with their friends - it was lovely to hear all about it.'


End of School Year:

'Really proud of how my child has coped with a year of disruption and yet still achieved so much!'


'Thank you for all your hard work and support through this extremely unpredictable year!'


'Thank you for helping my child achieve all their goals! She really enjoyed school this year despite all the challenges!'


Autumn Term 2020


Return to school:

'Very organised and smooth start to the school year - despite COVID-19.'
'My child was very anxious to return to school, however, with all the support from school staff, including videos, they are happy and have settled into their new class'


EYFS Nativity:

'So cute! It was great to see the children dressed up and having fun with their friends and teachers.'


KS1 Poetry Performances:

'My child enjoyed sharing the video of him and his friends reciting a poem - it was nice to see this as we can't come into school.'

Spring Term 2020


The Great Dance Competition at the Gordon Craig Theatre:

'It was so lovely to see the children dancing on the stage.'
'The children were so happy and smiley during their dance!'
'The children loved being able to dance on the stage and I hope they can do this again next year.'


Special Celebration Assembly:

'Thank you for inviting us. What a lovely celebration to be involved in.'

Autumn term 2019


Maths Workshop:

'Very interesting and informative. Thank you for holding.'


'Thank you for the workshop. It's nice to be shown what the children are learning, and how they are learning.'


'Really found the Maths Workshop useful. My daughter sometimes seems to struggle with Maths and I am grateful for tips and tricks to help!'


Tapestry Workshop:

'Very informative. Well explained. Now I have a better understanding of the EYFS and Tapestry.'


'Very useful and good ideas on what we can do at home.'


Phonics Workshop:

'Really helpful and informative. Good to be able to have a practice spelling out words and to have additional resources to use at home.'


'Thank you so much for arranging this workshop as it was really helpful and interesting. I am looking forward to attending more workshops in the future.'


'Very useful. It looks like a fun way to learn phonics.'


Year 1 Reading Café:

'Lovely to see the children engaging in the story so well.'


'Great idea. Loved seeing and sharing what our children can do. REALLY GOOD.'


'Lovely idea! Great to share school time with our children.'


'Thank you for the Reading Café. Lovely idea to help with reading and writing.'


' Fantastic. I am really looking forward to coming again. Thank you for giving us this time.'


'Nice concept. Children enjoyed interacting with parents and grandparents. Lovely warm atmosphere. Very good idea.'


PTA Colour Run:

'What an amazing time at Millfield! Thanks to the school and the PTA. Colourful and fabulous!'


'The children loved it, as did the adults! Loads of fun!'


50th Anniversary Music and Picnic on the Field:

'What a lovely way to start the year!'


'This has made it much easier to meet and chat with other Mums and Dads.'


'We loved listening to the children singing and watching them with the teachers playing games. Thank you for organising!'