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SEND and the SEN Register

At the point where we feel a child’s learning difficulty calls for provision that is “different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age” (code of Practice 2014) they will be recorded within our SEND Register. Parents will be invited in 3 times a year for an extended parent consultation to discuss progress.  Further meetings may be organised to meet with external professionals. Provision Maps are reviewed at the end of each term. 


What is a SEND Register?

This is a register of all the pupils in the school who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or a disability.  This makes it easier for the Inclusion tea and staff to monitor those pupils who need extra help and to ensure they receive more targeted support to enable them to make good progress.  

Why is my child on the SEND Register?

Any pupil on the SEND register has been identified as having a special educational need and/or disability. Their difficulty is preventing them from learning at a rate we would expect for them.  Extra help will be given to these pupils to help them to make progress.


What does this mean for my child?

If your child is placed on the SEND Register, then they will receive extra help and targets will be set and reviewed more frequently.  This will be set out within a Millfield SEND Support Plan so that you can see what help your child is receiving and how often.


Will my child always be on the SEND Register?

This can vary.  Some pupils with significant needs will always be on the SEND Register because they will always need help.  Other pupils may only need help for a short amount of time and if they no longer need any help, then they will be removed from the SEND Register in discussion with parents/carers.