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Live Talking Time Sessions

As mentioned (in the news update on Wednesday 20th January), a few randomly selected Year 4 children trialled a 10 minute live ‘talking time’ session with Mr Hughes. This was highly successful and as a result, we are pleased to offer one, possibly two, live ‘talking time’ sessions every week. This will start with a live session for your child with their class at the end of next week.


These ‘talking time’ sessions will provide your child with opportunities to see and catch up with friends, as well as their teacher. They will have a pastoral focus and will not be live learning sessions, however, there may be opportunities to discuss learning. This is for many reasons including: the availability of devices for some of our families, the sharing of devices between siblings (recorded videos and resources enable children to learn at an appropriate time for their family), the availability of staff, the working at home needs of our parents/carers and staff, as well as other individual circumstances.